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the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger. available in america right now. almost half our nation's employers have open positions they can't find anyone qualified to fill. devry university offers bachelor's and master's degrees that can prepare you for these careers. the ones already here, and the ones just around the corner. get the know how you need for a new tomorrow. learn more at >>da: family members are searching the beach for the missing man. in 18 for capsulized 1 mi. north of the pigeon point lighthouse. it happened around 11:30 a.m.. a large wave hit the boat throw in all four men into the water. two men did not have life jackets and are still missing. the coast guard has been searching all day and will continue to look for the man on my. the family says the four men got on the bus and left the san francisco area 6:00 sunday morning. >> the clock is ticking down to wednesday's presidential debate with
of these structures. >> a local teenager is kicked out and denied the top honor that he worked for for several years. he is not taking this action is sitting down. we have the story. >> making their voices heard. brian anderson and his parents walked into the boy scouts of america. with 400,000 signatures after he was kicked out for being gay. >> it really hurts me. >> he stood up for a skill that was being bullied. during that time the 18 year-old saying that he was gay. he stood up for a-boy scout. and that he's received a letter. with that, his top honor eagle. >> and it is totally devastating. and hearing that it is hearing other scouts is also totally devastating. >> the mother and immediately started an on- line competition-petition on change got work. >> they are looking at their anti-gay policy the mother started the online campaign. >> you can see it in their eyes and they are imprisoned by this policy. >> we now must choose or sexual orientation. i did not choose mind. why am i less better than a street person? >> they're hoping that this show of support. why might -- better t
. they are delayed, or canceled altogether because of the rough weather. kron 4 is live at s f o with how local travelers are being impacted. scott? >> just to give you an idea as of mid morning. there is already114 flight cancellations as that increase is so is the frustration of thousands of travelers. as it continues t handle pam moore the northeast the flights that s f o had been dashed- hammering-the east coast. >> we have been extensively delayed. the with been packing your patience. >> it is difficult with some much work. then we have been delayed one day but they also know that it could be worse. >> we were supposed to go on the 2-30 ended got bumped back. we're leaving tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. and some people were not getting a flight until friday. >> there are four major airports closed including laguardia, jfk. these major delays and cancellations have frustrations and others finding other areas to pass the time. >> are you confident? >> i sure hope so. and that is our expectation. >> they are both hoping that their flights will be moving soon but believe it or not they say that it is n
but soon there could they could now be transitioned into life without parole. this measure would give local law enforcement agencies $100 million over four years to fan investigate murders & rape. >> the fascinating thing about this is that california would do not do it enough for people to do that we are in executions state. like, florida. or texas.. >> california has only executed 13 people since 1978. pro death-penalty was strong in california at uc berkeley scientist max says that times have changed. and so have attitudes. >> there is no question that the case before the public has been made people are aware of the district attorney inspired reversals. with fewer than we are one to wind up executing an innocent person one of these days. and if that has not happened already we cannot know for sure. i think those things make the public ambivalent. >> also the costs associated with the death penalty and the appeals process has raised concerns for california. and the legislative analyst's office they think about shutting this down could save $100 million annually. however, they think that i
, and makes education a real priority- with the funding, to our local schools and the accountability from our local schools... that we'll need to improve student learning in every classroom. so we can stay 47th... or we can choose proposition 38. i'm voting yes on 38... because it makes our children #1. >> a shooting at a strip mall in san jose. these two women were tpeople were taken io custody when they shot a woman who was with her husband. if there stating that these people are all acquainted. there were booked on a suspicion of carrying a weapon. >> a teacher was arrested due to having a lot of cachet marijuana in the car. they also found more than $4,000 in cash at his home and they stated that when that went to his home they've found evidence of more drug sales. at this time they do not know whether or not he sold drugs to the students. >> into the afternoon the skies cleared and temperatures warmed a little bit. tomorrow morning some areas--temperatures into the afternoon tomorrow will be back in the '70s in most locations. saturday will stay dry and it will get even warmer into sunda
more days like this in san francisco. >> locals, tourists, enjoy it the mild weather. maureen kelly showed how these crowds commit big box. made- big dollars. for >> checkup these people for chrisy field. some are watching the chrisy field air show. and other at the water for the america's cup racing. and two of the big draws on sunday. hundreds of thousands are flocking to the city. using public transportation to. bart had a new record. 320,000 purchasing tickets. and sunday is also expected to also be huge. great news. >> 60% of our passengers pay for a ticket purchased. when there is a huge rider ship. it benefits everybody. >> a lot of money was exchanging hands at the castro district. green for gold beer. cold-a-beer. and also, cash for charity like " cheer us up ". and they were having great luck fourth donation solicitation. >> this is great. >> the parents of sanchez elementary to a good vantage of the crowd by charging $20. for parking on the schoolyard. that money will help fund a field trip. the $1,500 is what we're hoping. >> and look at the restaurants. gathering to wat
local governments and air quality management. to get the exact equipment needed to fix that pipe. >> we are focusing to make sure that we take the appropriate actions that we do not rush things. that we identify what needs to be replaced. and fix the equipment so we can beat up and running, safely. >> with the crude oil still shut down it could impact gas prices. the refinery is not fully operational in is making less oil fuel >> we will continue to make gasoline and adequate supply to meet the demand of our customers. >> chevron would not give an exact date of one that crude would go back on line in. just that it would take more time. in richmond, kron 4. >>pam: drivers are part raged. drivers are-outrage. haazig madyun >> how much are you paying? >> $4. $4.99 for a gallon. this is the highest price for a gallon that i have seen what covering the recent gasoline crisis. and if you think that is high? take a look at the credit card price. $5.09. that is less than the price of a pack of cigarettes. but that is still pretty high. i asked the manager. and this is what i found. i will be b
can do to help eating the same- burritoo i'm only going to drink anchor steam. just local. that is my superstition. >> i'm going to wear this tonight. that is my strategy. >> tar balls say that i cannot know what he said. >> and i just know that he has no idea what he-said. >> we are from the michigan! >> michigan! >> and i have family out to their card they would be really upset. >> we are traders. saree detroit. >> that looks like you have a new shirt-. >> i got mine yesterday. sorry -- detroit. they could use new fans. >> out here live they are sitting down at the bier card which securities and even neckties. j. r. stone, kron 4. >> just to always left both befo the san mateo bridge. they are closing this before badly needed real quick safety. dan kerman earthquake retrofitting. dan? >> we are just past the toll plaza. this is westbound the san mateo bridge. not a lot of cars going through. i think that many people wanted to decide to get out early. they know that this is going to be closing early. soon the, there will be nobody on the bridge but repair crews. the friday evening co
of the first local agencies to use unmanned aerial drones to help fight crime. this would be equipped with a long distance camera. and infrared sensors that could be used for monitoring bombs. and given marijuana growing operations at the large crowds. however, privacy concerns from civil groups. and jeff pierce has more. >> this is an on demand a real system at the elegant assurance systems they are searching solar panels. for a person that was possibly escaping. they're hoping this small aircraft could help with other law- enforcement agencies. >> for a search and rescue, squad, fire arms, rural areas. not easily accessible by a patrol car those types of situations. it could be a tremendous search help. >> the advantage is attractive. about a low amount of fuel on a helicopter. $1500 per helicopter. the shares to park and has avoided the unmanned aircraft and privacy concerns that arise. >> when they think of a drawn in think of military drones that fly over pakistan. or a-grown but this is a quad helicopter. the about privacy concerns are always a concern for us. we have that robot
a real priority- with the funding, to our local schools and the accountability from our local schools... that we'll need to improve student learning in every classroom. so we can stay 47th... or we can choose proposition 38. i'm voting yes on 38... because it makes our children #1. [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. let us take you live to at&t park. they are trying to sweep the detroit tigers. even though it is not here people are out and about. dan kerman has been bar hopping with very excited fans. >> this san francisco morena district it is literally standing room only. people are hoping for a sweep. at the marina district. >> we are definitely ready. >> down the street more excitement about a four game sweep. >> we are going to win the san francisco it is going to be on fire tonight. >> for some fans alike at the campus bar they knew it would be here all along. >> this is the new, it is going to happen! >> in fact the only iss
is still a tight race. with one local showing and add to mitt romney. catherine heenan explains. >> no doubt the romney >> let us honor his memory and live up to his example. >> catherine: mitt romney was blasting the president on foreign policy. accusing his administration of being passive. that the president is not a global leader. all speaking in virginia received listed some of these reasons. >> the preside also unbuilt this ad as his mitt romney is a response to the u.s. embassy. tonight the campaign is calling the criticisms reckless. catherine heenan, kron4. >> as a reminder the vice presidential debate is this thursday. the next presidential debate is october 16th. you can watch both go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates. >> jayson: of jaclyn: 60s right now through daly city and 70's through vallejo. 72 degrees in san jose. this live look from the plaza with more fog moving into the bay area. we will see that fog coverage along the coast and more clouds through the day. as we mentioned at we are looking for more showers for t
a local motion. >> speedy because we know he is still the basis. >> i have my clappers, horns, and my ear rings. >> these are my playoff pans that i have 01. >> green is for the money, gold is for the hundred. >> they are in the sixth inning and they are down by two points. there is definitely still some hope out here in oakland. >> there is a lot of holes still just they would kron 4 tonight will have continuing coverage of the game. >> following the murder of a bay area teacher we do have to people that were arrested who may be connected to the murder. >> a crashed with a school bus shows how it ended up on its side. >> there are new street lights up and the city- state's that this will not only save the city money but it will make this area of the city safer. >> members of the community is holding a town house meeting. the most recent death of mario killed in front of his home. residents in vallejo are still upset about officer involved shooting. mario was 23 years old and he died september 22nd when an officer rolled up on him on the 100 block of pepper drive. they stated that he step
's pay check for your favorite eatery? and walnut creek patrons are choosing local eateries and that business is good. >> this year we of hired 15 percent more people. >> terry has owned this old san francisco creamery for nearly eight years. despite the economy is not made to make changes for the prices in two years. >> right now they are eating out more. and if they want something fast, casual. and something that is probably not going to hit them in the pocketbook that hard. >> the research bureau of statistics saying that there has been an average of 21,000 new jobs each month at food and drinking establishments. that accounts for 85% of the employment gains in the hospitality industry st. >> are you going to be hiring? >> yes. >> because we're getting to a were busier season we could hire a few more staff members. >> the summer was slow but recently more and more people are dying out at cyprus. he has been in the business people are -- going out to eat. >> this positive trend. there is more splurge. they are going out and looking at morse expensive bottles of wine. -- mo
for providing false registration balance at the palm beach of a spurt state and locals were through one cam autobus even though he denies any wrongdoing. at that time the republican had are given the $3 million for the republican party but they are severing ties. however is not the end of the story toward the top democrat is asking questions including weather or not he kept doing business under a different company. >> we want to look at the various contracts. that he has with these various entities and but he has contracted to do. >> the biggest question is who is paying. the republican party is not. shawn spicer of the republican national committee saying that they are not doing business with him or his companies. democrats pointed their tankers to the american crossroads promising to help republicans help when office. however, this was also going from 2010 from door-to-door outreach but has not worked with 2012. he has not returned overcalls or also not working with democrats. we have best for an interview but he has declined through his lawyer with this lawyer that he wants to keep this
officials. >> this is owned by caltrans these public dumplings ar dumpig ..... needs to be enforced by local authorities. then i wonder why they cannot have that dirt dealt with? >> but this has residents up in arms. and they leave that operation and come here on the border of emeryville and opened and it starts up again. i think that council members and representatives need to have this shutdown again. >> the city of oakland issued this stop work order and now this is a padlock. from here, and union city they are widening the blocks. i spoke with a union city officials and the third party was supposed to go to the caltran story the muni city officials are looking at what happened. and the oakland police are looking into what happened. this will be not only at a perfect example of what the city has been dealing with with a huge problem of illegal and dumping with this city in oakland, kron 4. >>pam: if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m >> we are going to be seen warmer weather. a look at the satellite and writer with warm, dry ai
are going to have to dial 11 digits even local numbers. you'll have to dial in number one. and the area code. however, with a and cellphone, no one will be required. >> this live look with blue skies. we are going to see clear conditions for tonight. that is great news because we of a meteoric shower. it will be peaking tonight. the earth is passing through the debris of haley's comet. perhaps even 25 shooting stars per midnight it will be after midnight looking south will be the best viewing area. for tomorrow, look for sunshine with a mixture of clouds. the chance of rainfall developing. we will see that spreading to the it should hold off however. the monday morning commute could be impacted the most. with rainfall. perhaps one half inch in some locations. higher mountain areas could see 1 in. in some locations even to wenches. that is the highest elevation at sonoma county. and wednesday. the satellite showing clouds streaming through. this is just the first system coming off the pacific. combining with those clouds at the gulf of alaska. and impact in tomorrow showing futurecast. midnig
>>jacqueline: we are seeing mostly clear skies and some fog developing locally. reduced visibility. we're probably going to be seeing some fog along the coast that is it. here is what we can expect with patchy fog near the coast. temperatures in the 50s and for the afternoon sunny, warm with temperatures in the '70s once again. and for the evening hours a little bit cool and mostly clear. as we take a look of the satellite & ritter some of the cloud coverage approaching the coast. that satellite-and radar card for the coast but on this and that >> with neighborhood by neighborhood looking decent through palo alto and '80s in cupertino. upper 70's for the in the balance with 78 in concord, livermore and los 70's for the east bay shore. along the coast 60s and san francisco with 70's for the north bay. a look at your extended forecast with warmer conditions but changes. and we are going to be seeing a storm coming into the bay area bringing showers. and wednesday. however it is going to be a rainy day. let us hope that it stays confined to the morning on halloween. however there could be
, locally nothing compared to what is going on on the east coast. dense fog on the golden gate that is going to be the big story. the reduced visibility. and we will see widespread fog for the rest of the bay area. we will start off cloudy, mild and we are expecting to see cooler conditions. it will continue on wednesday with the storm approaching the coast. it will not impact us but certainly on thursday. the dense fog advisory for the north bay. this is until at 9:00 a.m. tuesday morning. it is highlighted with visibility under one-quarter of 1 mi. and all of these locations. catholic, give yourself some extra time the satellite and radar-- definitely, give yourself some extra time >>jacqueline: with heavy conditions through eureka. you can see for tomorrow morning, it is still offshore but not impacting the bay area just yet. wednesday, early clouds with that band of rainfall staying offshore until wednesday. it is getting closer with more cloud coverage and possibly drizzle but none of that heavy rainfall. and perhaps halloween it could be decent what this stay offshore until thursday. a
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